Back to School Preparation

Four Steps for Sending Your Car Away to School

Seeing your child off to school is an EMOTIONAL transition, especially if they are going far away from home. Sending them away in the family car can create even more worry and stress. With these advanced planning tips, you'll have peace of mind knowing that they'll be safe on the road so they can get to where they need to go!

1. Get a School Sendoff Inspection - School is a busy time for your loved ones and it is likely that automotive maintenance will not be top of mind. Be sure to schedule an inspection with Lewis Automotive Group before packing up the car so you can rest easy in the days ahead! 

2. Have an Emergency Plan - Discuss a plan with your children in case they experience a roadside emergency. Be sure they know who to contact for roadside assistance and remember that Lewis Automotive Group offers towing service in Hays and Dodge City. Pack items like jumper cables, blankets and clothing, water and snacks and a phone charger. Don't forget an ice scraper and snow brush as well! 

3. Call Your Lewis Dealership for Additional Tips - Our Service Staff is happy to answer any questions you might have regarding any back to school safety tips or service questions in general. Give us a call today! 

4. Stay on Schedule - It's important to remind your child and remind yourself of your routine maintenance schedule. We offer great discounts on any service with our monthly service specials

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